Digital lead generation funnels

Digital Lead Generation

Say goodbye to dry months, unpredictable sales patterns and stop/start business growth.

Pro lead gen is worth its weight in gold. In fact, a business’ very existence is often based on a sales funnel fed month in, month out, with high quality prospects that become ever warmer. We get it. We know that this can be the difference between growth and stagnation. We appreciate that the ability to attract, engage and convert a supply of customers is the only way to consistently grow a business.

But let’s face it, this takes time, expertise and skill – lead gen demands knowledge based on years of marketing experience – experience that you simply don’t have. So allow us to shed light on our six step approach to led gen – a strategy that has been shown to drive commercial growth and prosperity time and time again.

Six Proven Steps to Powerful Digital Marketing Lead Gen

Step 1: Rock-steady research & a solid strategy

This is where it begins. With a comprehensive understanding of your business – what you’re trying to achieve, your strengths, your weaknesses and (perhaps most crucially of all) who it is that you’re trying to convert. This isn’t just anyone from your target market, this is your perfect prospect. And with step one down, we’re off to a flying start.

Step 2: One carefully designed campaign

With the strategy mapped out, we then sync our plans to your brand. This critical step is often overlooked by others, and yet a consistent brand message that connects and resonates with your audience is one of your most valuable business assets. This stage involves brainstorming, debating and developing ideas as to how we can best deliver your message, selecting the perfect opening offer to entice a new lead. We’ll engage your prospect and nurture them into a buyer mindset, warming them up to your brand and breaking down barriers so that they’re primed for being upsold to.

Step 3: Time for the driving of conversion focused traffic

With your sales funnel perfected and in place, it’s then time for combining this with proven marketing channels – such as paid traffic, social engagement and SEO, which span numerous platforms, such as email, mobile and content marketing (we pick and mix as according to where your target market is and what they respond to). The result is a message delivered at the perfect time, on the most convenient platform for your user, whilst unilaterally achieving maximum exposure across all channels.

Step 4: Multi-strategy, multi layered approach

Let’s get to the fundamental purpose of lead generation – to create the perfect digital journey for you and your audience. This should create leads that don’t feel sold to, but instead feel enlightened, as if hand-held onwards through systematic emails, timed content delivery and retargeting ads. This lies at the core of our service and once warm, your prospects are gently educated, persuaded and compelled to act – through tactics such as trip wires, up sells, cross sells and profit maximises. This layered structure means that we engage with your prospects, whatever step of their buying journey they’re at. Which in turn means that your returns, are maximised.

Step 5: Campaign management & Conversion optimisation

No matter where your prospect is captured – be it SEO, paid traffic, email marketing or social media, your leads are always driven to an optimised landing page that’s finely tuned for conversion and for the reflection of your brand identity. Coupled with ongoing, in-depth a/b testing and analytics analysis, your marketing funnel will become continually more effective at capturing leads and delivering sales – scaling onwards and upwards. Every drop will be squeezed from your budget, every effort is put in place to deliver optimal ROI.

Step 6: Considering the end game and the long-term relationship

Every customer is valuable – and ensuring that you retain and add value to each of your prospects is every inch as important as winning them in the first place. A vital part of our service is then to take a look at the long term – the horizon that ensures your prospects become engaged customers and your relationship with them becomes more profitable through proactive steps. All of which also buys you something worth far more than dead set pounds and pence - a glowing online reputation.

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