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A laser precise strategy for Search engine rankings.

So, you previously commissioned an SEO agency who promised the world and then delivered anything but. After their services, just where is your website at? If you’ve faced month after month of disappointing rankings, head spinning SEO reports and ‘experts’ who blind you with science and industry terms, then it’s time for a change.

You tell us your objectives, then we deliver results – in sales, and in tangible pence, pounds and profit. We’ll gain high visibility for your keywords with our monthly SEO package, and drive relevant traffic to your website.

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Our SEO link building strategy builds businesses

This service is designed to provide both a short and long term strategy delivering conversion orientated results. We achieve this through honing in on low competition traffic initially, whilst we work on a comprehensive strategy to gain site authority traction – ultimately securing credibility and rankings for highly competitive terms, over the long term.

Our strategy begins with pain staking research into your market – we explore the keywords that are of value to you – the sites that you compete with and the search terms your potential customers are using to discover businesses exactly like yours.

We invest in content creation and the optimisation of your website – creating conversion optimised pages, articles and blog pieces that are actually valuable – not merely keyword stuffed (actually rather harmful) jumbled collections of words. All of this is based on a firm foundation where links are then drip fed over a full month – creating a natural pattern for Google to pick up on. Finally we provide ongoing on-page SEO support, from innovative tweaks to comprehensive manual audits, which guarantee that your site is in as good SEO shape as possible.

Being on our monthly SEO program means we’ll crunch the numbers, and re-strategize based on the results that we’ve achieved – tweaking, changing and altering the keywords that we’re targeting to ensure that you climb the lofty ladders of Google month after month. Unlike your normal SEO agency, we don’t blindly stick to the same strategy we analyse and work alongside googles interpretation of the site, assessing low hanging fruit along the way which contributes to your priority goals, this is where monthly analysis is essential!

Reporting that paints a crystal clear picture

If you’ve faced pages upon pages of baffling metrics, statistics and figures that mean little to nothing at all to you – then you’re not alone. For anyone less than an SEO expert the reports that many SEO agencies churn out can seem like hieroglyphics.

Our reports are simple – they’ll tell you what links we’ve created and where your website is actually ranking (every, single, day). You hire us to increase your rankings, so that’s what we do. We do not cloud the way with useless statistic scores from the latest trending SEO tool.

Web strategists is an SEO agency that understands, its your rankings, traffic and conversions that actually effect your bottom line, so that’s our priority. And we deliver!

You can be as involved as you wish, or you can leave it all to us, as we weave our link magic around the interweb. This is your fully outsourced monthly SEO package – a solution to the burden of analysis, strategy and link building that may have been previously placed on your team.

Finally – A word on fees

Our link building service is priced at a fixed, flat fee –no hidden charges, no sneaky extras added on, no nasty surprises come the end of the month (ever).

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