Google penalty audit

Google Penalty Recover & Link Disavow

Are you wondering how you lost traffic? Or how your rankings have dropped significantly? Let us rescue you from your misery and get your site ranking again!

Over the years, Google has made it harder to rank high on its search engine results. What used to work, may not work for you today because Google has deemed certainly tactics as spammy or as black hat link building. With googles continued quest to provide the best search results and content for users they are rewarding the best sites with the best visibility.

However, this comes at a strong price for sites who don't adhere strictly to the Google Webmaster guidelines. A loss in traffic and rankings can have a profound impact on your online visibility and reputation, which can eventually harm your revenues.

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Includes Complete Link Diagnosis and Disavow File Creation

Web Strategists have helped dozens of site bounce back and regain search engine placement via our google penalty recovery service. We strive to identify the barriers that are severely influencing your search visibility. We conduct 3 separate diagnostic reports and recommendation sets to deal with your penalty recovery issues. We offer the following services under our Google penalty recovery.

  • Complete Link profile analysis
  • Link Quality Scoring and Disavow Creation
  • 20+ Page, complete Manual SEO Audit to fix all onpage errors
  • Google Disavow file Submission
  • Google Webmaster Tools link Breakdown
  • Reconsideration Request Guidelines
  • Penguin Over-Optimisation & Anchor Text Analysis

We understand that overcoming Google's penalties can be a daunting and complex task, which is why we offer our bespoke penalty recovery services to help address all matters so that you can have a peace of mind.

Harry Fortune
This is the best analysis I have had to date, very detailed and with lots of actions that I can act on, very good, very usable and things I can actually do myself from the very clear instructions given.
Tristan T. /

Detoxify Your Website From Google Penalties

Did you hire a bad SEO expert who messed up your search rankings? It happens so often! But don't worry because Web Strategists are here to rescue you and put an end to all your Google penalty worries. We will instantly identify any high-risk links that are creating Google penalties, preventing your keywords from ranking higher and putting your website at risk for the next Google algorithm update.

We use Link Detox to determine all red flags that are putting your site at risk with Google's algorithms. You can rest assured that your website is in safe hands because we run extensive diagnostic tests to help locate problematic areas. All worked is also checked manually because we strive to deliver only outstanding results to our customers because we value your time and money and future relationships.

You will receive the necessary advice and support you need to help your website recover, not a generic report that means little to you and can not be actioned.

Get Our Unique Recovery Package

Comprehensive Analysis of Backlinks

We use LinkResearchTools to determine which links are weighing down your website on search engine results. In case, you don't understand anything in our comprehensive analysis of backlinks, you can always speak to one of our expert executive staffs, who would be more than happy to address all your enquiries.

Discrete Cleaning Up of High-Risk Links

We work very discretely and professionally when it comes to removing any links that are harming your website's ability to rank higher on search engine results. We at Web Strategists make sure that high-risk link building is dealt with utmost professionalism and we will never send out threatening or abusive emails for link removal.

Google Penalty Recovery

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding Google penalties therefore, you can rest assured that your website is in safe hands. We ensure that all major and minor issues regarding Google penalties will be dealt with highest proficiency and accuracy so that your website can rank higher on search engine results once again.

£695 Add to Cart

Delivery in

5 Days

Full Report

Xcel & PDF
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