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Google AdWords PPC Setup & Campaign Management

Pay Per Click – How’s that budget working for you? What’s your exact ROI – on your individual ads, and what about your entire campaign? Are you certain you’ve set your budget correctly? Do you even have an idea as to whether this investment is one worth making?

Let’s be clear – PPC presents an amazing ROI, incredibly versatile marketing options and a level of targeting precision that few other marketing mediums could come close to. Yet despite its power, its advantages and its impressive potential returns on your budget, its complexity also threatens to overwhelm. For the average business owner, PPC can sap-time and throw up challenge after challenge. For anyone less than an up-to-date expert, PPC can soon transform from a dream advertising channel, to a convoluted, time-consuming money pit.

PPC Campaign Management

Our end-to-end PPC package removes the uncertainty, and replaces it with absolute surety that your PPC campaign is setup and managed in a way that achieves the promised ROI and maximum reach.

Budget set-up and bidding

Let’s put you in complete control of your budget – setting limits defined by you, for costs that are strictly managed (leaving you with that promising, predictable ROI).

Bid adjustments

We continually focus on bids that work increasingly harder for you – making adjustments, tweaks and alterations that deliver better results, for less.

Conversion tracking and optimisation

We use advanced conversion tracking and optimisation techniques. For you, this simply means a campaign that works all the harder – improving month on month.

Compelling ad copy

We use professional copywriters whose craft is ensuring your audience take action through their words alone.

Daily account analysis

We’re right here, every day, reviewing your account and keeping in touch with you as to how your campaign is progressing and what tangible business results you are securing.

Optimised ad extensions

Your message must be as powerful as it should be relevant to your audience. We appreciate this balance, and our Ad Extension techniques are designed for ever improving quality scores and click-through-rates. All of which drives down your Cost per Action (CPA).

Comprehensive and crystal clear reporting

With Web Strategists you’re always in the loop and provided with the complete picture when it comes to weekly and monthly results. Ultimately this guides your decisions – for better and more productive business actions.

Extensions, Calls, Social and Site links

We go beyond the starting metrics and campaign results to illustrate every action and reaction to your campaign. Through extensions, calls, social and site links you’ll know exactly how the performance of your business is being driven by your PPC budget.

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